4 Basic Response – Heaven and Hell

4 Basic Response - Heaven and Hell

This series is simple: we are discussing the basics of our faith and then what our responses should be when these basics are criticized.

This week we tackle two big ones, Heaven and Hell. Everyone wants to go to Heaven and no one wants to go to Hell. The problem is, what you do in life determines your eternity.


Jason John Cowart is the Next Gen Pastor at New Covenant Church in Longview, Texas, overseeing Covenant 56, Covenant Students, Covenant Young Adults, Tech Arts, and Web/Social Media/Media/Marketing. He has been married to Monique since 2007, and has three children, Vivianne, William, and Audrey.

Jason has been in ministry since 1999 from worship to youth to pastoral ministry. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Theology from the International College of Biblical Theology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion with an emphasis on Pastoral Ministry from East Texas Baptist University. He was ordained in 2004 into ministry.

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