Parents are always invited to everything we do. We have the philosophy at Covenant Students that we are not here to babysit or provide entertainment for students, but we are to partner with parents to see Proverbs 22:6 become a reality in the lives of our students. For this reason, we invite parents to attend youth services, be a part of youth events and trips, and to constantly be active in the student ministry of New Covenant Church.

We are always available for help in terms of encouragement, advice, and Pastor Jason has several resources available that will help you in the process of raising your children.


5 Things
5 Things is a booklet written to show parents five things that can help them in the process of raising their children. This booklet contains five points of advice that can really make a difference in the life of their student. These five non-negotiable points will help parents better communicate with their teens, protect them from that which would harm them, and help them grow their relationships with Jesus.

If you are a member of NCC and are a parent of a student between the ages of 13-18, you can get a free copy of 5 Things at the info desk in the foyer, or you can get a free digital download. Just click here:  5 Things.

Free – Winning the War Against Sexual Immorality
Do you or someone you know struggle with sexual immorality, including pornography, sex, even homosexuality? Free is a book that can help you get free. This book contains the advice Pastor Jason gives to people who are trying to overcome this issue. By addressing spiritual issues and following up with practical, hands-on advice, you can get free and stay free!

FREE is available now at the info desk in the foyer for only $10 or at Be sure to visit that link for blog posts and other resources to help you stay free!

Tech Help
Go to and ask your question. Research is everything! Want to know about apps? Search “Is snapchat safe?” Need to know how to access your teen’s search history? Ask Google! “How do I see my search history in Chrome (put your browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).” I also outline information about tech and apps in 5 Things. Get a copy today for free here.

There are a few great websites that have parental guidance sections that list how much sexuality, violence, etc are in each film. You can see them here:

The Internet Movie Database:
Kids In Mind:
Plugged In:


We have made our release forms available online for your convenience. There are two forms that we offer, one for adults and one for students. If you are an adult going on a youth trip (away from the campus), you need to fill out the adult form. Students are required to have a completed form for any event (other than youth services), whether it is on or off campus.

ALL forms MUST be notorized. You can have your form notorized for free at NCC. Please call (903) 757-7791 to make arrangements. Notorizations are done Mon-Fri, 9-4.

Adult Forms
Student Forms
Example Fundraising Letter