First Time

Brand new to Covenant Students? Awesome! We wanted to give you a heads up of what you can expect and what are some of the best ways to connect!

We put a lot of effort into making every students feel welcomed. So if you are the most outgoing person in the world or if you feel more comfortable on the sidelines, there is a spot for you! You won’t find any pressure to fit a mold or act like someone else. We want you to be you! Our goal is that you encounter the Holy Spirit and make great connections with other teens your age.

You will find youth-led worship, relevant teaching, interactive small groups during service, and a ton of fun connecting with students. Our services have every grade level and adults as well. We love for our parents to attend if they’d like.

For more details on how our services operate, click here,

Take a moment and fill out this form. We’ll be sure to have someone hang with you your first night!