At Covenant Students, we are all about 5 principles that empower our interactions. We break it down to a simple phrase: CovLove.


CovLove represents what we believe God wants the culture at Covenant Students to be, and it surrounds 5 principles that represent the covenant relationship that we believe God has called all Christians to live out daily.:

  1. Covenant is love. Because we love each other we are in covenant with each other. That means that we have each other’s best interest in mind.
  2. Because of Christ, we’re connected. Jesus did more than save us, he made us a part of his family. That connects us.
  3. Nothing comes between us. We are human and that means there are going to be times when we disagree, but that doesn’t anything! Nothing comes between us.
  4. We’re better together. We can do a lot on our own, but God intended us to thrive when we are connected to each other.
  5. We meet needs. We are dedicated to each other’s success. If you are lacking, we will help. If we are lacking, you will help. That way, we all succeed!


CovLove helps us create an atmosphere at Covenant Students that is warm and inviting, one that encourages healthy relationships. We reach out to loners. We friend those who feel like they’re on the fringe. And no matter what you’re going through, we never judge or belittle.

That being said, we are also extremely dedicated to your well-being, spiritually, emotionally, physically, the whole person. We are dedicated to you and we pray you feel the same as well. So if one of us is going through something, we are surrounded by people ready to help.


Our services feature incredible, powerful worship, relevant, biblical teaching, impactful small groups, and opportunities to interact. Our services are more than fun. They are designed to grow you in every way.

Our doors open at 6:00 and our services start at 7 pm. Be sure to come early to hang out before the services begin! Our services end at 8:30. We have some more hang out time and then we’re off to our homes!

We have two types of services during the month, BIG Night and City Groups. First Wednesday is always our incredible communion and baptism service with the whole church family at south, but Second Wednesday’s is our BIG Night, which is a service at our North Campus designed for evangelism and to help students get involved in Next Steps here at NCC. BIG stands for Bring a friend, Initiate a next step, and Grow the kingdom. That is exactly what we will focus on that night.

On the third fourth and fifth week, we have a thing called City Groups, which are smaller meetings at BOTH campuses where students can hang out, engage in worship, and plug in to small groups. This is where discipleship lives, in these smaller, more personal settings. Big night brings us all together, but City Groups help get students to their next step with God.

If you have any other questions about the services, please don’t hesitate to reach out!